Sibiu’s Surroundings

Visit Transylvania by BiKe

A guided bike tour in Transylvania, in Sibiu’s surroundings offers you: Saxon atmosphere, traditional Romanian villages and the biggest open air museum in Eastern Europe.

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Visit Transylvania

Exlpore Transylvania by Bike

Visit Transylvania by Bike, a magical place with plenty of fortified churches listed in UNESCO World Heritage, get in touch with traditional lifestyle & eat organic food. Travel like a local!

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Early bookings come with generous discounts. Get 100€ discount if you book 3 months in advance! Families and groups have benefits also.

Check them now and choose which suits best for you!

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Pick-up & drop-off at the airport



One of our guides will wellcome you at the Sibiu International Airport and will bring you to the hotel. You will benefit from all the confort of a 15 minute car ride from the airpot to the center of the city of Sibiu.




Explore slower, know better


Exploring Transylvania by Bike will offer you: Fortified Churces; Getting in contact with nature; Acknowledge how life goes by in villages untouched by time & meet local craftsmen; Eat organic food cultivated in small farmes; Get to know the traditions; Feel the wind touching you while passing through 500 years old oak forests; Spot the wild life around you: deers, eagles, wild rabbits.