Magical Cherry Orchard at Cisnadioara

Magical Cherry Orchard at Cisnadioara

Special Feelings, Bright Colors, Wonderful Views

How do you recharge your batteries?

Spending some time in a magical place can power your batteries for a long time. But where to find these magical places? Well….they are always so close to us, but unfortunately we can’t recognize them, or we forget about them…or we simply stick with places known long before.

As a local guide I always try to find new places where to go. And I always look for them in the surrounding places of my home town. These are discoveries that are so important for me because finding these places and sharing them with friends enriches me…. And I hope my friends as well 🙂

We can take a ride to these places short after a work day or having a picnic in the weekend there. Going further there are possibilities to eat like a local in the village, visit the fortress on the top of the hill or take a walk in the old Saxon village.

But for now, please feel free to feel the wind through your hair, the smell of the fresh green grass and admire mountains, the fortress, the Saxon village.

Then take a step forward and plan your visit there! It’s worth it 🙂


About Cisnadioara

Cisnădioara is a Saxon village first mentioned in documents in 1204. In the 12th century Saxon colonists settled here and established the flourishing village that you can now see.

Nowadays fewer Germans live in the village, but Romanians acknowledge the importance of Saxon culture and they try to keep the heritage intact. That’s why you can still see old Saxon houses, Saxon Church and a The oldest Romanesque style church in Romania. It stands atop a 100-meter high hill, surrounded by circular fortifications, with a defensive turret above the entrance. Some of the original walls have been preserved to this day. The layout of the church, composed of a small basilica with three naves, as well as the decoration of the carved western entrance portal, dating from 1260, attest to the strong influence of Rhineland architecture.

This church hosts the first pipe organ built in Romania, which is still functional.