Our Philosophy

Our philosophy


Visit Transylvania

Visit Transylvania by Bike

We are passiond about Transylvania and we promote this region through guided bike tours.

Transylvania ( in the center of Romania ) is a very beautiful, historical region with lots of fortified churches  built in small villages since the 1300s.

Medieval cities and villages from this region are included in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. I can name some of them: cities of Sibiu, Brasov, Sighisoara and fortified churces from villages – Biertan, Saschiz, Viscri.

Our guided bike tours are full service: pick-up & drop off at the airport in Sibiu, bikes will be provided for you as well as guidance. Optional, we can give recomandations for best traditional meals at guest houses.

We promote eco-tourism and we want that our guests feel like home. You will get in touch with traditions, local food ( usually organic because people from villages still practice traditional agriculture, which is not mechanized), you will meet local craftsmen and visit all important heritage sites from big cities like Sibiu, Brasov, Sighisoara and all the fortified churches from small villages in South Transylvania.

In Romania, tourism is promoted especially at the seaside, Danube Delta, big cities and the mountains. And it is not taken into consideration that 33% of Romania’s territory is occupied by hilly terrain and 50% of population leaves in the country side.

That is why we decided to make a difference in the way tourism is being seen and we want to have results in promoting and doing guided bike tours in this region, especially in the country side.

Promoting tourism in the country side is also a big chance for communities to grow in a sustainable way, so that they can protect the heritage, live in better conditions and offer their products and services. 

We believe that small things can change the world and most important, small communities should became stronger and stronger by keeping their identity untouched.

We invite you to visit Transylvania by Bike. It’s worth it!


We promote eco-toursim and much more:
  • tradtional crafts
  • organic-food
  • heritage
  • a healthy way of living
  • a close colaboration with people from villages

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